Weird Chinese Food: Scorpions on a Stick for 5 Yuan

The great Buddha once said, “When in China, dine as the Chinese do”… and that’s exactly what we did…. Okay, Buddha never said that– but it sounds cool.

Steve and I stepped of the Korean Airlines flight at approximately 4:30am (Chinese time), and in our jetlagged stupor we make a pact— during our month in China we would eat everything placed in front of us.

Bull (my student-translator) loved food, and he knew about our culinary pact…Steve and I quickly realized that asking for language translations while dining was a bad idea… halfway through eating our first meal I said, “this is amazing, what is it?” Bull replied, “Yīnjīng… Americans call them ‘mutton testicle’, very delicious in China.” That was the last time I asked for a translation before I was done eating.

Three guy lucky, pickled cuttlefish, boiled duck embryo tacos, duck beak meat, fish heads, intestine, thousand year old egg, tuna eyeball, sheep gentiles, stinky tofu, squid neck, chicken hearts, turtle yogurt, pickled chicken feet, and Steve’s favorite Xiezi de shíwù (蝎子的食物), also known as fried scorpion on a stick…. and much more.

If it could be fried and put on a stick we ate it. The most outrageous part is that neither of us got sick.

Daily Prompt, Mouths Wide Shut: Share some of your favorite food quirks with us.


Your side of the bed is empty and my reaction is absurd…

I normally rise to the sound of the morning news with a hot cup of coffee waiting on the vanity.
A happy hand waves at me as I pull out of the driveway.
I come home to a warm house, full of love and pleasant conversation.
The clothes are washed, the dishes are done, the grass is cut.

But for the last three days I’ve made my own coffee, I’ve came home to an empty house, and I’ve washed my own clothes… Life without my husband is absurdly difficult.

We have a wonderful marriage; I am a teacher, he is a doctor. But his job has required him to work away from home for two weeks…. I’m lost without him, but this ‘apart time’ has been wonderful for our marriage. During his absence I’ve had a chance to realize all the wonderful things he does for me everyday.

This week WordPress prompted me with the keyword “Absurd”, and this was the first thing that came to mind… The coffee, the clean clothes and dishes, the freshly cut grass, and so much more… I haven’t always said “thank you” to my husband, and that’s absurd; but I am forever thankful.

“Public Enemies” of “The Other Boleyn Girl”: Locked but not sealed

Spoiler Alert… John Dillinger is dead and so is Anne Boleyn. Both of these controversial individuals perished in interesting fashions with stories worth telling; so why did my friends get mad at me when I informed them that John and Anne are dead?

In the year 2008 my friends and I were standing in a snowy January box-office line waiting to see “The Other Boleyn Girl”. One of my friends voiced how much he liked Natalie Portman (the actress portraying Anne Boleyn), to which I replied, “you’re about to see her get her head chopped off.” I guess this was a *Spoiler Alert* because none of my friends knew the story of Anne’s love torn life and headless end. Needleless to say, they were all pretty mad at me.

In July of 2009 “Public Enemies” hit theaters; a movie set in the 1930’s about the notorious and totally awesome gangsters John Dillinger, “Baby Face” Nelson, and “Pretty Boy” Floyd. A movie full of guns, booze, action, and crime… so of course my friends and I went to see it. While waiting in line I said something like this; “It’s kinda ironic, isn’t it? That Dillinger was shot outside of a movie theater? And here we are, about to watch a movie about him.” Another historically accurate *Spoiler Alert* that my friends didn’t know.

So, just in case you didn’t know; The Titanic sank, Lincoln was shot in Ford Theater, Pocahontas didn’t marry John Smith, Harvey Milk was elected to public office, and Secretariat won the Triple Crown.

Daily Prompt: “Can you keep a secret? Have you ever spilled the beans?”
Public Enemies

Mirror Cracked, Interpretation Corrected

The heavy burden of visual reflection. The jaded misinterpretation of outward appearance. My routine and self-perception is all too often dictated by mirrors. Thus to wake up in a word without mirrors, you say, would help me focus on the truly important—what lies inside.
Though, to the cat a world without mirrors would be horrendous.
Mirror Cat

Daily Post Prompt: “You wake up to a world without mirrors. How does your life change?”

Wedded Containers

Throw together some Spanish moss, glass rocks, a few tacky cloth flowers and POOF… you’ve got wedding isle decorations. This week you asked me to show you “something that contains something else”, and I’ll admit, at first I was stumped. But the first thing that came to mind when I thought “containers” was a mason jar… which took me back to my wedding day.

Wedding container 2